PUB.LIE.SIZE is a full-service public relations, marketing, events, branding, and production company. We have become one of the most in-demand firms in the entertainment industry because of our distinctive and pioneering expertise in the film, TV, music, fashion and lifestyle arenas, providing an overall fresh approach to an otherwise predictable business.

PUB.LIE.SIZE is well positioned to take full advantage of its connections in Hollywood to leverage editorial and celebrity opportunities. We specialize in securing interviews, brand management, The Sundance Film Festival, product placement, music video production, and email connections.

We have helped to revolutionize the way that brands utilize the power of social media to elevate their overall buzz and visibility.

With a vast distribution list packed with the top movers and shakers in the world -- not to mention national and local press, agents, producers, artists, editors, publishers, CEOs, actors, filmmakers, and bloggers -- supreme exposure is guaranteed.

We can pitch your novel to the literary world or market your new
high-concept screenplay to powerful studio heads and buyers.

As a fully-equipped film and video production company, we can
also cast, secure locations, shoot, edit, upload, and market your finished project to the biggest and baddest in the biz.